About me

Hello, I'm Joanne Eagle. I live in the Sidcup area with my husband and 2 (grown up) children. For many years I suffered with low back pain and was told it was caused by weak abdominals and lack of core strength. I stumbled on a local Pilates class a few years ago, very sceptical about the exercises I was doing. "How could any of these be doing me any good?" I thought. After persevering for a few months and developing the correct technique, I can report that my back ache is now firmly in the past. Pilates is my passion, it has given me a stronger, more mobile and flexible body which is why I decided to teach, so I can bring the benefits of Pilates to others like me.

Why Joanne Eagle Pilates?

My classes are aimed at people who have maybe never tried Pilates before and want to experience it within a fun and friendly atmosphere. That said, a lot of my clients have been with me since I started teaching and have developed a new found passion for Pilates.

During class, everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and there is no 'keeping up' required as all clients work at their own pace and within their own capability.

"It is my mission to deliver affordable, quality and fun Pilates classes within the local area where everyone is an important member of the group with their own set of individual needs"